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Rubus saxatilis

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20 seeds Rubus saxatilis.

Rubus saxatilis or stone bramble is a species of bramble found in Europe (Iceland and east of the Pyrenees) and temperate Asia to Japan. The green stems are 20–60 cm tall and covered with minute needle-like prickles, and leaves are usually compound with three leaflets. The spherical fruit is red and 1–1.5 cm in diameter, and contains large pips. 

Occurs throughout the European part of Russia, except for the southern regions, the Caucasus, Siberia and the far East; outside Russia - in Western Europe, most of Asia, in North America (Greenland). Grows in forests (coniferous, deciduous, mixed), in bushes, on rocky slopes, often in conditions of significant shading on moderately moist soils, both rich and poor mineral nitrogen.

Rhizomatous perennial. Flower stalks and extra long open summer vegetative shoots - thin, pubescent, sparsely fine needle shaped (like the leaf petioles), in the autumn of branching and often taking root at the top. Blossoms in may - July, fruiting in July - August.
The stone bramble leaves are rich in tannins, alkaloids, minerals, including zinc, copper, iron and manganese, includes ascorbic acid, rutin and flavonoids.
Berries and stone bramble abound ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and pectin and tannins, in addition, the chemical composition of the fruit has sugar, organic acids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, volatile and tocopherol.

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