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Asplenium viride

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Parts of the frond Asplenium viride.

Asplenium viride is a holarctic mountain species. It lives in crevices of limestone, dolomite or serpentine rocks, on limestone rocks, more often in the shade.
Rhizome densely soddy, with narrow blackish films. Leaves are numerous, 10-12 (15) cm long., Linear-lanceolate, simple-pinnate, green, not hibernating.
The leaf petiole is green and reddish-brown only at the base, 2 times shorter than the plate. Last 8-12 cm long. and 0.6-1.5 cm wide.
Segments are rhombic-oval, wedge-shaped at the base, with a petiole 0.25-0.5 mm long., Small-gorged along the edge. Sori are oblong. The coverlet is almost all-edged. The spores are rounded-oval, with relatively wide folds that anastomose with each other and have finely toothed edges.

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