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Fragaria vesca

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100 seeds Fragaria vesca.

Fragaria vesca, commonly called wild strawberry, woodland strawberry, Alpine strawberry, European strawberry, or fraise des bois, is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows naturally throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, and that produces edible fruits.

Alpine strawberry has an undeserved reputation among home gardeners as hard to grow from seed, often with rumors of long and sporadic germination times, cold pre-chilling requirements, etc. In reality, with proper handling of the very small seeds (which can easily be washed away with rough watering), 80% germination rates at 70°F within 1–2 weeks are easily achievable.

In the leaves of the plant contain B vitamins, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, organic acids (citric, Hinn, Apple), sugar, traces of essential oils, flavonoids in an amount up to 2 % (mainly rutin), tannins (up to 9 %), salt, iron, manganese, cobalt, phosphorus.


Fruits contain, in addition, folic acid, pectin.

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