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Rubus arcticus

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20 seeds Rubus arcticus.

Rubus arcticus, the Arctic bramble or Arctic raspberry, (includes Rubus arcticus ssp. acaulis - (Michx.)) is a species of slow-growing bramble belonging to the rose family. Its dark red fruit is considered a delicacy. In the Pacific Northwest it is sometimes called the nagoon or nagoonberry, a name which derives from the Tlingit neigóon. A measure of the quality of its fruit is expressed in its Russian name княженика, signifying the "berry of princes". It grows in northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia (Siberia), in few locations in Estonia, Lithuania and in parts of North America.

The Arctic raspberry can be found mainly in northern landscapes of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Scandinavia and Northern Russia. It grows most often in acidic soils rich in organic matter.

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