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Rumex sanguineus

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30 seeds Rumex sanguineus.

Rumex sanguineus, known by a number of different common names including bloody dock or red-veined dock, is a tap-rooted rosette-forming perennial of the buckwheat family that typically grows in a rounded foliage clump to 18” tall and as wide. It is native to ditches, clearings and forests in Europe and Asia, but has over time escaped gardens and naturalized in certain areas of the U. S. and Canada. It is primarily grown as a decorative foliage accent to showcase its oblong to lance-shaped medium green leaves (to 6” long) which are prominently veined with contrasting red to purple. It is also sometimes grown in vegetable/herb gardens for harvest of its edible young leaves. In early summer, tiny star-shaped flowers appear in panicles atop reddish-tinged stems growing to 30” tall. Flowers emerge green, but mature to reddish brown. Flowers are followed by reddish-brown fruit.

In addition to its ornamental virtues, the young leaves of this plant are edible and add interesting color and a spinach-like taste to salads. Some people may experience mild stomach upset after ingesting the leaves however.

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