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Leontopodium alpinum

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50 seeds Leontopodium alpinum.

Leontopodium alpinum, usually called edelweiss, is a well-known mountain flower, belonging to the Asteraceae (the daisy or sunflower family).

The plant is unequally distributed and prefers rocky limestone places at about 1800–3000 m altitude. It is non toxic, and has been used traditionally in folk medicine as a remedy against abdominal and respiratory diseases. The dense hair appears to be an adaptation to high altitudes, protecting the plant from cold, aridity and ultraviolet radiation.

As a scarce flower found in remote mountain areas, the plant has been used as a symbol for alpinism, for rugged beauty and purity associated with the Alps, and as a national symbol especially of Austria and of Switzerland. There is a folklore associated with the Edelweiss in which it is stated that giving this flower as a gift to a loved one is a promise of dedication.

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