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Malus baccata

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15 seeds Malus baccata.

Malus baccata is a species of apple known by the common names Siberian crabapple, Siberian crab, Manchurian crab apple and Chinese crab apple. It is native to most of Asia, but is also grown elsewhere as an ornamental tree and for rootstock. It is used for bonsai. It bears plentiful fragrant white flowers and edible red to yellow fruit of about 1 cm diameter.

Malus baccata is native to Eastern Siberia, Russian Far East, Mongolia, China, Korea, Bhutan, India and Nepal, where it is common to mixed forests on hilly slopes at elevations up to 1500 meters. The tree is found in Japan, and it has also been introduced to Canada and the US where it is mostly found around the Great Lakes.

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