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Ericaceae seeds

Ericaceae seeds

Why you need to use the Pre-order?

The fact that we offer only fresh seeds. Many seeds quickly lose their ability to germinate (e.g., Arisaema). Many of them require special storage mode. For this reason, we discontinued the sale of many seeds in the spring and continue it after a fresh collection.

Additionally, the pre-order opportunity ensures you receive the selected seeds. After collecting the seeds from the section "Pre-order" go into the main directory of the website and are available for immediate purchase.

However, seeds of many species are collected in limited quantities and quickly come to an end. Making a Pre-order you are guaranteed reserve selected seeds and don't have to worry that you will not manage to buy them. Seeds purchased on pre-order start to sent in October-November immediately after collection. Remaining after distribution of orders seeds are moved to the sections in the main directory of the website. 

Some seeds are collected only on pre-order or can completely be placed in reserve by the end of the year.

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Calluna vulgaris
100 seeds Calluna vulgaris. The time of collection or delivery - August 2017. Callun..
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Pyrola chlorantha
100+ seeds Pyrola chlorantha. Sorry! The description will appear in the near future! ..
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Pyrola media
100+ seeds Pyrola media. Sorry! The description will appear in the near future! ..
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