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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Trade and General Information

Our customers are world-wide and live in all climates, so we can always advise on the suitability of particular species. Consultations are available for registered members.
The sub-lists and USDA climate zone a species is allocated to will be a guide, unless you have knowledge of the plant in question we strongly advise checking horticultural references for the species and for your temperature range and conditions.
Some of our USDA climate zone ratings were added many years ago, more recent experience has shown that some plants are much hardier than previously recorded. We have updated ratings for some bulbous plants and herbaceous perennials. In general, plants from Russia due to the peculiarities of the climate is very hardy.

Seed Viability

To provide seed in the best possible condition, we arrange for collection in the country of origin at peak maturity, the date of which will vary from year to year. Seed is airmailed to us, and reaches you with the best germination potential - especially important with short-viability exotic seeds. Thus we need to take advance orders, and seeds will be forwarded to you as soon as we collect them.

Seed Packet Quantities

The 'Packet' content quantity varies with species and over time, depending on cost and rarity. We cannot predict how many seeds a packet will contain. Where packet quantity is known, the quantity is listed by seed-count.

Minimum Order and Shipping Costs

Minimum order value - 5 Euro.
For all orders please add shipping cost - 6 Euro.

Payment methods

We accept payment by Pay Pal & Western Union. We cannot accept any checks.

Conditions of Sale

Available for preorder.
These seeds are not in stock at our sales office, and we need to ask for them to be sent by our collectors or growers, most seeds are waiting to be shipped to us as soon as our request is confirmed.
Non stock seeds may be seasonal, short viability, of limited demand or rare.

Seeds with the status "in stock" are shipped within 1-10 days at the time of payment.
Seeds with the status "from members" are shipped within 1 month from the date of payment.


Orders are shipped by registered mail or small package.
Delivery time for an order may vary depending on the remoteness of the buyer - from 30 to 60 days.
Tracking number is provided for international deliveries and all sales are final. Responsibility after sending the order lies with the carrier (postal services). The seller is not responsible for transportation risks.

Import requirements

Some countries have import restrictions. Please contact your own customs office since we are not able to take into consideration, the lists and amendments of all countries.

It is the importer's responsibility to be aware of and to ensure compliance with the requirements of all other regulatory and advisory bodies prior to and after importation.


1) Unfortunately, since 2020 we do not accept orders from Ukraine (due to problems with customs clearance).
2) We also no longer accept PayPal payments from Canada (due to the inability to track letters and small packages with an international track number in Canada).
Therefore, we accept orders from Canada only with payment through Western Union (with tracking to Canadian customs). We are not responsible for further delays in the domestic delivery of goods across Canada.

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