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Welcome to the website of the community plant collectors "PROF-SEEDS".  

We has been supplying high quality seeds to plant growers, collectors and nurserymen. We offer an extensive selection (over 800 species and varieties) of rare and unusual wild plants. In addition we have over 1500 that we can source for special order customers. Please take your time and enjoy browsing through our fascinating range!

Almost all plant seeds presented on our website is collected in different parts of Russia in the wild (high winter hardiness). Whenever possible, we try to specify the hardiness of each plant in the format of the USDA.

In the main sections of the site you can buy in the format of the online store plant seeds available. Currently open sections: Shrubs, Perennials, Trees, Bulbs, Ericaceae, Medicinal Herbs.

In recent years we have visited such places in Russia as the Polar Urals, Middle Urals, Eastern Sayan, Altai, lake Baikal, the Greater CaucasusKhamar-DabanWestern Sayan mountainsKamchatkaSikhote-Alin and so on. It is the corners of the wilderness with great botanical interest. It is also a wonderful place for lovers of nature and wildlife tourism. 

In the future we plan to continue our expedition and visit such interesting from a Botanical point of view the region as Khibiny, Barguzin range, Putorana Plateau, Byrranga mountains, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.

In the section For collectors you can find a list of seeds from different collectors from all over Russia. Catalogue of the collection of seeds distributed annually by subscription via regular mail or by email. 

Seeds from the old directory in the trial mode is presented in section *COLLECTORS*.

Annually catalog updated with new members of our community and new seeds collected by us as part of the expeditions.
Also as a member you can enjoy exclusive services such as "Search seeds" you need a plant that grows on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries. It may be rare, valuable medicinal plant or just a rare. In any case, we will try to help you.

In the LINKS section you can find links to resources with images and descriptions of some plants.

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